Brooke Neal

Olympian, NZ hockey player and the founder of the All About Balance Initiative Brooke Neal is the most recent addition to the John Andrew Ford family.  

Brooke is a mindful and passionate athlete and speaker with a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others, especially the younger generation. Brooke does this by sharing her story with an open heart and offering full support as they grow and develop.

Brooke is driven to perform at the top level and help others to perform at the top level.  This makes her the perfect fit for John Andrew Ford as we are both #1 by choice, not by chance. 

Stephen McIvor

Stephen McIvor is a proud ambassador for John Andrew Ford. Having been the Senior Anchor at Sky Sport NZ since 1991 and having covered just about every sport imaginable. Stephen is now a freelancer, regularly hosting Sky Speed with Greg Murphy and covering a range of sporting events. With a love for live television, whether it be studio or outside broadcast, poodle racing to test rugby league, that's where Stephen flourishes. Stephen is also an accomplished Master of Ceremonies.