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Careers At John Andrew Ford in Auckland


At John Andrew Ford, our most valuable resource is our people.   Our team is diverse and comprised of professionals who are customer-centric, self-motivated and fully invested in driving the companies vision –  that is, being #1 by Choice, not by Chance.

We offer a dynamic and fast-paced work environment, where no two days are the same and you will be rewarded through attractive pay and great work environment. 

Alongside our fun work hard/play hard culture, employees have access to a range of exclusive benefits such as discounts on new vehicle purchases, servicing, parts and finance, free annual flu shots and medical checkups, discounts on private health insurance, paid charity and study leave, educational assistance and a variety of discounts on other products and services.


As part of the Eagers Automotive group, John Andrew Fords mission is to empower and inspire leading automotive environments, to deliver customer excellence with consistency, efficiency and sustainability. Our mission is supported by five key values.

  • John Andrew Ford Carrers Passion

    We have ambition and the love of what we do. It provides us with the very special view of the world that makes us go that little bit further.

  • John Andrew Ford Carrers Leadership

    We help frame the pathway our team will follow. We empower and support them in their journey. We are to create opportunities for success, knowing the responsibility that comes with it.

  • John Andrew Ford Carrers Integrity

    We willingly adopt and consistently apply actions, values, methods and principles based on the knowledge and skill we hold personally. We hold the accuracy of our actions as key to our outcomes.

  • John Andrew Ford Carrers Respect

    We believe in all our people regardless of orientation, race or physical ability. We value the good qualities and capabilities that they all bring to our workplace.

  • John Andrew Ford Carrers Success

    We believe in creating beneficial outcomes for the business and our people, both for now and the future. We provide the focus to exceed our customer’s needs, to such a degree, that we create connection, growth and profitability.


Sales Department

Our Sales Team has a proven track record of success – we turn over the largest volume of vehicle sales in the country and are always looking to exceed those targets and adapt to market conditions. We see obstacles as challenges, rather than barriers. You don’t need to be the best salesperson, but you do need to be resilient, motivated, and creative in your approach. The most successful candidates manage their own portfolio of clients and aren’t afraid to think outside of the square.

Service Advisor

A job as a Service Advisor you are central to the customer journey. The Sales department would have started the relationship with the customer, and it’s your job to retain it and nourish it. You will be the middleman between the workshop and the customer, and you’ll need to be able to deliver excellent customer experience, whilst under pressure. From time to time, you will need to think on your feet and exercise great problem-solving skills.


It may surprise you to know that there is much more to a dealership than sales and service – in fact there are plenty of administrative roles on offer which are vital to the business, including vehicle administrators, accountants, financial controllers, and marketing. Obviously, each of these roles require a different kind of skill set – but they all share one common goal: they are the backbone of the dealership and have a deep familiarity with the needs of every department in the dealership. It is this understanding which a keeps the dealerships wheels turning month after month.

Parts Department

Our Parts team work very closely with the Sales and Service departments, as well as the retail public, so great customer service is key to delivering a great experience and is what makes us better from the rest. Daily, you will be responsible for, interpreting parts catalogues, ordering, stock maintenance, warehouse and retail areas kept tidy and to a high standard, stock accuracy, maintain good relationships with our suppliers and customers alike, picking, packing, dispatching, and ensuring parts are delivered on time. To be successful in this role, you will need to have an eye for detail, accuracy, be customer centric, reliable, have perfect time etiquette, find a passion in the car parts and greater automotive parts industry. You will also need to have a ‘just in time’ inventory mentality so that goods are received from suppliers only when they are needed, to reduce holding costs and increase inventory turnover.

Tyre Department

Our Tire workshop represents a significant share of the service department. Previously we outsourced our tires but now we have brought our Tyre Centre inhouse, meaning that we have massive sales potential. We are looking for the type of person who is practical but is also not averse to chatting to the public and helping them make informed decisions about their tyre requirements.


A career in the automotive industry requires enthusiasm, ambition and a passion for success. If you have what it takes to be part of our winning team we want to hear from you today! Please email us with your CV and cover letter.


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